Which will be the Best Kratom to Try for Beginners

Which will be the Best Kratom to Try for Beginners

Are you in that phase where you have heard about the special herb called Kratom and you are ready to shift guns towards this herb? As easy as it seems with words, the real situation carries a different story.  Well, this phase can put you into a pool of confusion that is so frustrating at times. There might be a lot of sites to guide experienced Kratom users, but very fewer pages to guide new users or users who haven’t tried Kratom yet. This is due to the fact that the consumption of Kratom is quite subjective and hence even the effects can differ from one individual to another.


Also, it is hard to predict how Kratom could act on a new user. It depends on several factors like age, sex, tolerance and much more. This is why we thought we need to bring up something that really benefits the new users. For a user who is yet to try this herb out, we came up with different questions that could really clear the air for them. One important question that is so boiling out there for every newbie is to have a grasp on the best Kratom for the beginners. If you are new to Kratom and wish to get enlightened on the best strain out there, then this post is for you.


Best Kratom for Consumption


Many tend to have a perceived notion that Kratom has only one variety under its wings. However, on exposure to the plant and its characteristics, it is evident that Kratom has different strains like red, green and white. These strains are characterized based on the vein color of the leaf. This color depends on the place where Kratom is grown and is also based on the cultivators who use different manures and techniques to grow each type of strain. However, it is important that you make note of the different strains out there since each strain tends to display different effects.


As you might be already aware, Kratom is basically associated with opiates-like characteristics since it tends to impart stimulating and analgesic effects on the body. Kratom was consumed in the Southeast Asian countries for recreation, centuries ago. Their importance also extends into the life of farmers who consumed it for energy during their work on the fields. And some strains of Kratom even help with mood enhancement. Hence, it is important to know about the different strains and their effects. The strains listed below are the ones that are a blended form of Kratom and they provide the much-needed balance for beginners who wish to experience desired results.


Bali Super Premium


A very unique strain out there, originating from the jungles of Indonesia, this strain is said to inculcate stimulating effects on consumption. With a tendency to provide long-lasting effects than other Kratom strains, Bali Super Premium relaxes the mind and body by pumping energy, needed for productive work throughout the day. Though it is not as strong as the Maeng Da strain, it does produce euphoric effects and sedation at high doses.


On the whole, the main use of this particular strain is to produce stimulating and energizing effects, thereby creating a fresh mind in most users.


Super Green Malaysian


A green veined kratom strain, originating from the forests of Malaysia, tends to create a balance between stimulation and sedation. The difference in effects is quite evident upon consumption. At high doses, Super Green Malaysian can produce overwhelming euphoric effects on users. Though it is not considered to be that intense, it plays a major role in imparting mental and physical effects by being sedative and energizing at the same time.


Having the properties of an anti-depressant and an anti-oxidant, this strain’s effects start working within half an hour from the time of consumption and lasts up to 5 hours, which is a long duration compared to other strains out there.


Red Vein Indo


This strain that originates from Indonesia is very unique since all other Red Veins are associated with pain relief and sedation. However, the Red Vein Indo Kratom displays stimulation by providing a sense of calmness and relaxation in most users. It also aids in the process of muscle relaxation, apart from serving as a soothing vehicle for mood enhancement. It is true that this strain is unique but it does show certain negative effects at high doses. As a new user, you must consume this strain in very fewer quantities. At higher does, you are prone to suffer from side effects like dizziness, headache, irritation, and nausea.


Maeng Da Kratom


Maeng Da is one of the most popular Kratom strains out there that originates from Indonesia. There are many stories associated with the production of Maeng Da Kratom. Some say it is a natural strain and some say it has been genetically modified to produce enhanced results. The name translates into a meaning called Pimp grade, referring to its superior quality by the cultivators and suppliers alike. It is considered to be one of the best strains, having a huge fan following for itself. With a great aroma associated with it, Maeng Da Kratom poses as a potential solution to various disorders and ailments through its sedative and energizing effects.


Also used for withdrawal from opium addiction, Maeng Da Kratom is quite strong on new users. The alkaloids in them bind with the mu receptors of the brain to influence depression and reduce anxiety. Hence, most users combine this strain with a less potent strain to enjoy a moderate experience.


Kratom Consumption


In the early days, Kratom was consumed by just chewing on the leaves for its effects. However, with time and popularity for Kratom in the West, many manufacturers and suppliers have captured the market to produce different forms of Kratom products. The most common form is the Kratom powder which can be just tossed into the mouth and washed with water or it can be brewed with tea based on user preferences. However, the bitter taste of Kratom was a huge drawback and hence, the manufacturers came up with Kratom capsules that eases the burden of users, while being the most convenient form of consumption. However, there are other forms of Kratom products like extracts, gums, and resins, widely available in the market today.


Kratom Purchase


With online markets dominating the business arena now, it isn’t a tough job to purchase Kratom. The markets have come so close to you that a single click can get your favorite Kratom product delivered at your doorstep. However, there are certain complications with respect to the purchase of Kratom. You can’t blindly choose any vendor without a background check and place your order since this is something related to health and safety. Choosing the wrong vendor can even put your life at risk. This is because Kratom is being spiked by adulterants and supplied by fake vendors who are money minded.


Hence, you will have to conduct thorough research, read a lot of reviews and talk to the people in Kratom community for a wider picture on which Kratom vendor to choose. With a ban on this special herb in certain districts of the United States, it is important that you choose a vendor with a valid license for selling Kratom products. It is well-known that Kay Botanicals Premium Kratom is very much popular and are fancied by many people in the country. 




Kratom is indeed a worthy herb that introduces various effects on its users. However, the controversy surrounding Kratom pulls it off the limelight. Let’s hope everything is cleared soon and that Kratom’s benefits are recognized properly. If you are new to Kratom and are planning to embark on the Kratom journey, understand what you need from Kratom first and then choose the right strain to enjoy the desired results.

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