Kratom Vs Weed – Here’s an Overview

Kratom Vs Weed – Here’s an Overview

I have seen many people asking this very question. Is Kratom similar to marijuana?  The right thing to ask would be the difference between Kratom and Marijuana. I have also seen people wondering if the effects of Kratom are better than that of cannabis and ask about the drawbacks of using Kratom and marijuana. Though the topic might be very simple, it is very complex keeping in mind the difference in compositions, consumption, and legality of the two drugs. If you are someone who has always been wondering about the similarities and differences between these two opiates, then this write-up is just for you.


Well, to understand this topic better than anyone, it is important that you receive insights on nature, composition, differences, drawbacks, benefits and the legal complications surrounding Kratom and marijuana. However, let’s start with the differences first.


Differences Between the Two


Kratom is not a new drug for us. The plant drug has its origin that goes back to a century or more. Those days, Kratom was mainly used to provide relief from pain and also as a sedative by the locals. This special herb was first found in the dense jungles of the Southeast Asian countries. With time, the plant herb started extending its roots all over the world. Now is it widely being used by people for its qualities to enhance mood and improve the overall cognitive function of the body? Kratom can be sedative at high doses due to the presence of powerful alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine but the effects aren’t negatively inducing.


However, the scenario is the same to some extent with marijuana but not in its entirety. This is due to the fact that marijuana blurs your focus and impairs the sense of clarity at high doses. Though it tends to extend a sense of peace, marijuana has nothing to do with the improvement of cognitive abilities. Hence, it is mostly recommended for arthritis and other chronic pain conditions for its ability to act as a pain reliever.


So these factors depend on the dosage you tend to consume. With different strains and forms of Kratom products in the line-up, the differences could be more based on the usage too. For example, Kratom is usually consumed as a liquid in the form of tea or even washed off as a raw powder. But marijuana is usually smoked to experience the effects. Also, Kratom comes up in different forms like Powder, capsules, gums, resins, and extracts. Also, Kratom is easier to consume but in terms of indulgence, it is a lesser drink compared to marijuana.


Effects of Kratom & Weed


Kratom contains powerful alkaloids in them, called Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. They bind with the opioid receptors of the brain and interfere with the brain signals to reduce the intensity of pain. A significant low doses, Kratom tends to lessen the pain within an hour.


Marijuana has a lot of alkaloids in them based on the strains, out of which THC is the most powerful and it can lessen the pain response by interference with the receptors. However, the effects of marijuana tend to create an imbalance between mind and body by disassociating them.


Important Kratom effects


  1. Lower levels of anxiety
  2. An increase in productivity
  3. Builds focus
  4. Sedation
  5. Reduction of Pain


The onset of these effects can take quite a time with Kratom, maybe after an hour or so. But this isn’t the case with Marijuana since the effects start to kick in within 5 minutes.


The effects of marijuana are:


  • Ease of pain
  • Disassociation
  • Relaxed mind
  • Deterioration of cognitive functions
  • Disorientation of time and space


Kratom vs Cannabis for Pain relief


This is indeed a trick question since Kratom and cannabis have different effects though they cater to the purpose of pain relief. Also, their effects depend on the different strains and the dosage which makes it a difficult situation for anyone to arrive at a conclusion.


When it comes to Kratom, the best strain for pain relief is Red Vein Bali. At low doses, this strain acts well to reduce the pain in the joints and other places without altering the cognitive functions. However, at high doses, the pain completely vanishes but with a loss of sharpness. Higher doses of Kratom can be dramatic and hence it is mostly not used at that dosage level.


Cannabis is good at pain relief but even one joint can totally lower the cognitive functions of the body and make it usable for the body to function normally. Hence, it cannot be concluded as to which one is better. However, the cognitive function of the body is well retained, along with pain relief even at low to moderate doses of Kratom.


Kratom vs Cannabis – Anxiety


Both of these drugs have proven to be competent and to help with anxiety and wellbeing but their effects depend on the dosage. For example, at low doses, Kratom can provide relief from pain and also make a person focus better without anxiety but at high doses, it can be sedative at times. Cannabis, on the other hand, provides relief from pain but it disassociates the body and mind. You can’t really overdose on cannabis by smoking, but Kratom overdose produces fewer side effects though it makes you dysfunctional at high doses. However, you will have to be very careful with cannabis, since it has certain negative effects associated with it. But you need not be cautious with the amount of Cannabis through the consumption of Kratom at the right dosage can help you experience the benefits without having to confront the negative effects of cannabis.


Legal Status and Testing


You must be aware that Kratom is illegal in some states in the US and also in some countries. But the availability of Kratom is universal though you will have to be very particular about buying Kratom only from trusted vendors. But the scenario with Cannabis is a bit different. Though it is legal in most places, no one would be okay with someone consuming cannabis in broad daylight. The testing for Kratom is not yet performed by certified laboratories for now but cannabis is being tested every time for the THC Component in all commercial labs. Even if it is illegal in some places, Kratom wins it when it comes to availability and consumption. However, both these drugs can be beneficial in some cases and at the right doses. Hence, it is important that you make it a point to contact your medical practitioner before you go about any treatment plan with Kratom or cannabis in the future.

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