How to make Kratom tincture?


Making tincture has always been the traditional and one of the most effective means of extracting or obtaining the active compounds present in medicinal plants and herbs, like its oils, minerals or its alkaloids. These active compounds present in these plants are extracted in the form of a solvent, the solvent is mostly an alcoholic solvent. You can make use of either the leaves or Kratom powder to extract the properties and make a tincture with all the best properties. 

To make this solution, it will require a few ingredients, some basic kitchen utensils and a list of easy to follow instructions that will enable you to make your own unique or custom made tinctures. Similar to other tinctures, it uses ethyl alcohol as a solvent for the mixture. Using alcohol as a solvent in the extraction process is the way to get the most out of these herbal or medicinal plants. Alcohol can be used to extract active compounds from most medicinal or herbal plants. It doesn’t depend on whether the active compounds are oils or minerals or even alkaloids, alcohols are seen to dissolve them. These solutions that made using alcohol can even be drunk or added to other beverages. 

Tools that you will require to make Kratom tincture

To make it at home you will need a few of your kitchen utensils, most of which you will find in any kitchen, if you don’t have them at home, don’t fret they should be daily available either in a store near you or you can most definitely find it online. 

Measuring cups: 

You are going to need measuring cups to precisely weigh and measure the ingredients that you will be using. We would advise you to use these measuring cups not only for safety reasons but because they will help you recreate the formula gain if required.

Chemical resistant bottle:

It is very important that the vessel that you will be using to mix the tincture in has to be resistant to chemicals. You can either use a glass bottle or a special chemical resistant plastic bottle. 


This will come in handy when you are trying to separate the extract and the Kratom powder. 

Kitchen scale:

A scale to precisely measure all the ingredients that you will be making use of.


You will use this to cover the tincture.


This can be very handy in helping you pour the solution in a bottle or a container that you might be used to store the tincture in and it will also be excellent at helping prevent spillages. 

Amber glass bottles:

You must store the solution you have prepared in a dark place. These amber glass bottles are extremely effective in keeping the tincture away from light and making sure that it is intact. Another great alternative to these amber bottles in the case that you don’t have them would be to use a blue glass bottle. Both of these types of bottles are easily available online.

Ingredients to make the Tincture

These ingredients should be easily available in most of the supermarkets near you:

  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Citric acid
  • Glycerin
  • 1 liter of 40% alcohol
  • Kratom

Instructions to make your Tincture

Follow these instructions to make the tincture:

Measure & weigh

For a liter of alcohol use 198 grams of powder and a pint of alcohol use 113 grams of powder, it’s best to precisely take these measurements, to make an effective tincture. It is best to always make a note of those measurements in case you need to recreate it.

Mixing alcohol & Kratom

Make use of the chemical resistant bottles and mix the alcohol, kratom and the citric acid in it. 

Hot water bath

Treating the mixture that we have made above in a hot water bath is seen to reduce the time it would take to make the solution. To make a hot water bath, heat water in a container till it starts boiling, then remove it from the fire and place the bottle with a mixture of alcohol, kratom and citric acid in the hot water bath and allow it to sit for an hour after an hour replace the water with freshly heated water and repeat this for another hour. If you are not planning on using the hot water bath method we would advise you to  store the Kratom in a cold place before using it to make a tincture


Make use of the strainer to separate the tiny Kratom particles from the solution.


The strained solution is to be covered using a tin foil and you will have to wait till the alcohol has evaporated. It should lose at least 40-50 % of its original volume.


You can easily determine the potency of the solution you have made, this can be done by dividing the initial weight of the kratom by the final volume of the tincture. 


We advise our readers to store the solution in dark bottles like the amber or blue bottles we mentioned and to store them in dark rooms. It is important to store them away from light and heat in order to make sure that the solution does not lose its potent properties. 

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