Kratom Tea – Here’s something you need to know

Kratom Tea – Here’s something you need to know

Kratom tea has become a favorite beverage of the masses due to the reigning benefits and the kind of relaxation that it tends to impart to its customers. So if you are a Kratom user, then you must be pretty much aware of the preparation recipe and also the dosage standards that you will have to follow while preparing Kratom tea. However, the positive influence that Kratom tea showers on its users can’t be digested by some agencies and independent bodies, due to which they have introduced a pool of fake rumors to malign the image of Kratom tea. They are committed towards the destruction of Kratom community for the benefits they only know. These fake rumors are creating a destructive impact in the mind of both users and non-users of Kratom. It even forbids any new user who is eager to experience the effects of Kratom tea for the first time.

This cynical strike on the Kratom community has prompted us to come up with certain facts and theories that are important for anyone who wants to understand the plant in a better way. Some of the conspiracies are going to be highlighted here which you might have even thought to be true all these days. Lack of truth can make the whole world blind is what I believe in. Hence, let’s set things straight on the rough patches of Kratom tea with this write-up.

False Death Claims against Kratom tea

This is one of the surprising accusations that anyone can make on a product without any substantial evidence. I mean, who goes too far to even bring in death into the picture to negatively impact the image of a product? It is, in fact, a big deal to associate Kratom tea with death when science has a different story to narrate.

The FDA, in fact, accused Kratom in 2018 for causing 36 deaths in the country. Later, their updated toll even presented a new figure equating up to 64. These accusations laid the platform for the elimination of Kratom from the market permanently. So just imagine when a body like FDA publically makes these statements? As a normal citizen, anyone is prone to believe it without introspecting the claims. But who knows the truth is far away than what these people could see? The claims are completely ridiculous and why their views are biased against Kratom is still a mystery and something even the FDA is incapable of explaining.

But we tried finding out what the FDA is hiding from the public in broad daylight. For example, one user who had been reported dead consumed Kratom tea along with a combination of other prescriptions that don’t go well along with Kratom. In another instance, one user whose death had been reported in a document due to Kratom has been documented to have died of homicide in another database. So the FDA doesn’t tell the public as to how many other drugs were consumed along with Kratom. Also, in spite of the presence of other illicit compounds, FDA only points out the existence of Kratom tea in the deceased. This is due to the fact that the governing body isn’t aware of the Kratom plant in details. Also, no research has been commenced to prove their claims. You might even ask about the deaths in Georgia that were due to the overdose of Mitragynine. But, you tend to forget the fact that the Georgia authorities played a sly game thereby not revealing intricate details on the presence of 8 other harmful substances in one of the deceased persons.

Addiction to Kratom Tea

Who in this world is not addicted to anything out there? I mean, every one of us is addicted to something. Addiction is a common phenomenon that we humans tend to develop when we start using or experiencing certain things in life. However, it’s cool to say I can’t miss my morning cup of coffee, while it is an addiction if someone says they love having Kratom tea daily. Do you get the difference?  Kratom originates from the Madder group of plants where one of its extensions is Rubiaceae to which the coffee plant belongs to.

Let me tell you an interesting fact now. The cousins of the Rubiaceae family have a wide range of plants and more than 40 of those varieties are consumed by us on a daily basis. Does that mean we are all addicted to it? An eight-factor analysis test was conducted on Kratom by a researcher, which kind of proved that Kratom isn’t as addictive as a cup of coffee. In comparison with the family tree, it is obvious why this scenario exists.

To put in simple terms, just because a plant is addictive, terming it to be bad is purely double standards. What is really prevalent in this topic is the hypocrisy of those people who blame Kratom to be addictive. Also, it is completely contradictory to say that since those people might have their own addictions that they keep to themselves. Just like how people choose a particular beverage to start their day, Kratom is a personal choice and just because they love it; it doesn’t mean they are addicts.

Kratom is an Atypical Opiate

Though you might have been convinced a bit upon the accusations on Kratom being fake, I am sure there must be something that hurts like a peck of stone under your bed. Well, I read your mind. You might have read the reports of FDA that states Kratom to be an opiate and that it possesses opiate-like characteristics. There are certain videos by popular researchers who have decoded the Kratom activity on the brain and they report it to be quite unconventional. This unconventional activity is what that makes Kratom an atypical Opiate.

If you realize that Kratom and coffee belong to the same plant family, you must also arrive at a self-understanding that both Kratom and coffee work in the same way. With research, the opiate nature of coffee also gets exposed. Dr. Kruegel establishes an example with the help of light to compare classical opiates and Kratom. If these traditional opiates were to react with a light receptor, it would turn on the light completely, whereas Kratom would barely do it since it is always associated with atypical opiate activities. Hence, the receptor activity is quite different and one needs to understand it to arrive at a conclusion if Kratom is an opiate or not.


If scientific claims back these accusations, we are ready to accept it gracefully and see what could be done to overturn the situation, but the cultivation of fake rumors and an unbiased approach is not the right way to deal with Kratom. And being a user of Kratom, it really pains to see these fake accusations doing the rounds on all social platforms. Hence, we can’t stand idly and all we could do is stand against it with facts and points that could shed light on the truth. So, when someone tells you darker things about Kratom, don’t fall for it blindly. Do your research, for the light can be witnessed only when you surpass the darkness with all your might.

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