Most recommended Kratom strains for Pain Relief & for Enhancing Energy


Finding the right Kratom strain

Picking the right Vein type will make a difference in the amount of analgesic & energy enhancement effects we experience

There are three vein variants

  • Red vein
  • Green vein
  • White vein

Red Vein

It is seen to be the best among the three in terms of pain relief, anxiety and stress. Also, red vein Kratom has very high sedating properties comparatively.

White Vein

This variant is seen to be the least effective for giving relief from aches among the three strains, it, however, has a very good effect on nootropic influences of alertness, focus and is great against stress and depression and has long-lasting effects of stimulation

Green Vein

This variant can also be considered as an analgesic, it is seen as a balance between the white and red vein. It provides multiple effects at a medium level of strength and is perfect for someone who does not want the dedicated effects of that the red or white vein causes.

How does Kratom help with pain relief

Most people that have heard about Kratom are aware that it gives relief from aches. How exactly does Kratom relieve us from pain?

Kratom leaves contain alkaloids, especially mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine when we are in pain the affected nerves send signals to our spinal cord and brain. One of the many neural responses from the brain and the spinal cord is the release of endorphins.

These endorphins are used to suppress pain, the alkaloids present in Kratom leaves produce the same effect as these endorphins.

The higher the concentration of alkaloids present in the leaf the more effective is its ability to give relief from aches.

Best strains for pain relief

Maeng Da

Maeng da is the strongest strain of kratom available today, it is very potent and is an excellent choice for relief from aches. It, however, has very high sedating properties and may not be the best choice for everyone.

Dosage: ½ – 3 teaspoons


As the name of the strain suggests this strain is named after the country from which it originates. It is seen to produce mild relief from aches and is a good choice for people looking for medium effects

Dosage: ½-3 teaspoons


This strain has a high concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, this alkaloid has a profound effect on the pain receptors, reducing pain and increasing tolerance

Dosage: ½-3 teaspoons

How does Kratom help with energy enhancement

Apart from it being excellent at providing relief from pain it is also known for its energy enhancement and stimulating properties. The alkaloid mitragynine present in the Kratom leaf is sent to induce his effect.

Kratom acts on the nervous system, stimulating it and making you feel more energized, focused and is even said to have an impact on your cognitive function.

It helps people that are battling anxiety and depression.

Best strains for energy enhancement

Maeng da

Maeng da besides being an excellent option for relief from aches it is also good for increasing the user’s energy as well as the user’s stimulation. Maeng da is a no-brainer for people looking for both an analgesic as well as energy enhancement.

Dosage: ½-3 teaspoons


This strain originating from Thailand is rich in mitragynine, this alkaloid provides users with enhanced focus, memory, and energy.

Dosage: ½-3 teaspoons


The Malay strain not only being a considerable choice as an analgesic is also seen as a good choice for people looking for increased stimulation. It is seen to produce stimulation when consumed in smaller doses and provides relaxation upon wearing off.

Dosage: ½-3 teaspoons


All the strains mentioned above are perfect for people looking for energy enhancement or an analgesic or the combined effect of both.

It should, however, be noted that potency of a strain will vary from one person to the next, as it depends on a person’s tolerance, weight, and a few other factors. To find the perfect strain you might need to test each of them.

This guide is for anyone that is trying to figure out the right strain for them or if you aren’t sure how these different strains affect us.

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