Kratom Dosage – How Much Kratom Powder to Take in Grams and Teaspoons?


People across the world are actively taking part in the quest for good health and wellness. The focus now has shifted towards natural remedies due to the increasing side effects of synthetic medicines. One such natural remedy that is being preferred by most people out there is Kratom. Kratom arrived at the West from the Southeast Asian countries, where it was used for centuries to treat various ailments and disorders. If you are a beginner or someone who has been using Kratom for some time, you might have definitely been confused with the amount of Kratom dosage to be ingested to experience the diverse effects. The problem with Kratom is that it doesn’t correspond to specific effects in all individuals. The effects differ from person to person based on the strain and dosage. But most Kratom strains tend to be an analgesic at low doses; stimulant at moderate doses and a sedative at higher doses. If you are someone who has always got the dosage wrong and is struggling with Kratom every single day, then this write-up is just for you.

Benefits of Kratom

Potent Stimulant

At moderate doses, Kratom improves focus and brings in clarity just like coffee.

Mood enhancement

It uplifts the spirits by spreading a sense of positivity along with mood elevation.

Increased Concentration

It aids students and working professionals by improving their focus and concentration, allowing them to carry out their chores productively without any distraction.


The property of Kratom being an anxiolytic helps users to relax apart from enhancing their mood. It calms down the mind and body by acting an effective stress-buster.


Kratom is quite popular today among the masses due to its quality of being an effective painkiller. Since it is less harmful than other conventional pain killers, it is prescribed by doctors in some cases for pain relief. It can act on headaches, arthritis, muscle ache, and chronic pain to treat them effectively.

Improves Sleep

It alters the sleep cycle by solving the issue of insomnia and offers a good and sound sleep to its users, which in turn makes them refreshed and rejuvenated on the next day.

Opiate Withdrawal

It is effective when it comes to cutting down the side effects of opiates like morphine, heroin and much more. It actually facilitates the withdrawal process without any side effects.

Promotes Health and Wellness

It is believed to reduce the effect of diabetes, hypertension apart from being an anti-oxidant by which it promotes good health and wellness.

Form of Kratom Products

With huge popularity for Kratom now, the manufacturers have come up with different forms of Kratom to satisfy the different needs of the customers. The different forms of Kratom tend to follow different doses and standards and hence to make sure you consume the right dosage, it is important to know the different forms of Kratom.

  • Raw Kratom Powder – Kratom leaves of high quality is handpicked after harvest and then it is dried well before it is crushed and powdered.
  • Kratom Capsules – The edible Kratom capsules are either filled with Kratom powder or extracts. Capsules entered the Kratom market due to the bitter taste of Kratom powder. Those who dread the bitter taste can consume these capsules which are easier and convenient for usage. They also dissolve faster and are digestible.
  • Extracts- Extracts are prepared by boiling these leaves in water or ethanol to arrive at a paste-like form which is highly concentrated than the powder.

Usually, the beginners are recommended to start off with capsules due to the fewer side effects and also for cost-effectiveness. If you prefer the powder, then you can brew it with tea or mix it with juice, alcohol or any beverage of your choice. However, the extracts are recommended only for experienced users due to the high concentration.

Kratom Dosage

Now that you are aware of the benefits and different forms of Kratom, let’s directly jump into the area that you have been waiting for. It is always important to keep track of the dosage you ingest since any change in it could bring in adverse effects ultimately. Also, you will have to decide what kind of effects or experience you wish to experience from Kratom and based on that the dosage might vary.

How much Kratom powder to consume?

Kratom powder can be measured either in grams or teaspoons. But it is important that you maintain an accurate way to measure the dosage. It is always wise to use an electronic weighing scale that might help you to arrive at Kratom doses with precision. If you have a scale that can weigh up to 100 mg in your kitchen, then you can use it for accuracy. If you overlook the weights and just eyeball it, you are prone to suffer from serious complications like nausea, irritation and body fatigue.

Consumption of Kratom by the number of grams

Initially, it is common to face certain unpleasant scenarios with Kratom until you get used to it in the long run. Also, you might take a long time to get to the best strain that might help you experience the desired results.

Based on the doses, you tend to experience all these effects listed below.

The dosage of Kratom for energy: The ideal dosage to improve your focus, concentration and mental clarity along with energy is 3 to 6 grams every day. To improve its effectiveness, you can mix it with grapefruit.

Dosage for Anxiety and Pain:  At 7 to 9 grams, Kratom can be effective on pain and anxiety related issues. Hence, it is wise to start with low doses and then proceeds to higher doses.

Dosage for Opiate Withdrawal: Users claim that you will have to maintain a decreased trail of measure dosage in order to get rid of the opiates. To make this possible, start with 7 to 9 grams for 3 days by consuming it 2 to 4 times a day. Reduce the dosage to 5-7 grams on the fourth day; 3-5 grams on the fifth day; 2 grams on the sixth day. On the last day, you will have to totally stop consuming Kratom.

Consumption of Kratom using Teaspoons

You can also make use of the teaspoon when you don’t have an electronic scale with you for measurement. However, keep in mind that one teaspoon of Kratom can weigh up to 4.5 grams of Kratom. Going forward, as a beginner, it is fine to ingest one teaspoon of Kratom every day. If there are no significant effects, then you can consume one and a half teaspoons of Kratom powder. But make sure that you don’t exceed the limit of 9 grams of powder above which it is not an ideal dose.

Dosage of Kratom capsules

People buy Kratom capsule when they wish to have a hassle-free experience with respect to the consumption of Kratom. Most capsules contain 500 to 600 mg of Kratom powder. There are also bigger sizes in capsules that can even hold up to 1000mg. But there will be certain instances where you will have to gulp down 10 capsules for the ideal dosage. Also, contact your vendor and make sure that you get the right capsule sizes or you could even get your own capsule machine to ease the process.

No matter how you ingest Kratom, it is important that you keep track of the dosage since high doses without your knowledge could lead to adverse ill effects which can end up putting you in a life-threatening situation at the time. Hence, make sure you accurately formulate your dosage every time you consume Kratom.

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