What are the best Kratom combinations?


It is being widely used in a lot of western countries these days to treat a lot of conditions like Insomnia, anxiety, stress and sometimes even opioid withdrawal symptoms. The natives of the Southeast Asian parts of the world have been using Kratom as a part of their daily lives for centuries now, because of the wide range of benefits, it is seen to offer. The farmers would choose these leaves because it gave them a boost of energy which helped them work longer hours in the fields without getting completely exhausted. 

It is seen to be a part of the coffee lineage and is seen to be growing in the dense and lush jungles of Southeast Asia. Different parts of Southeast Asia is seen to be homes to different strains, each of these strains is seen to have different sets of properties and results. All these strains are seen to be different from one and another and they are seen to have different results. So to get what you are exactly looking for you might need to first do a little bit of research. 

Kratom Combinations by vein color

It is seen to primarily divided into three different types, depending on the color of the veins and its leaves. They are the Red, Green and white variants.

 Red Variant

People who are looking for robust relaxing aftereffects or people looking to be able to cope with severe anxiety, this would be the strain that we would suggest, however, we would like for you to know that for people looking to stay energized, we would suggest they opt for a lower dose.

White Variant

People looking to feel accelerating or stimulated we would suggest the white strains. This is also the variant for people looking to feel euphoric, it is often glorified by its users for its energizing and exhilarating effects. 

Green Variant

This would be the strain for people looking to enjoy a wide range of the benefits that Kratom offers. However, it should be known that the effects the user’s experience are much milder than what they would experience when using the Red and White strains. It is suggested that people looking for an energy boost as well as an upliftment in their mood should go in for lower doses.

When it comes to blending them, it is seen that a major number of individuals prefer to combine the green variant with any of the other two. The green type is seen to be milder and this can be what makes it so perfect to be blended with other strains. By combining a green vein type with either the red or the white variants you’ll be able to feel a whole array of effects that you don’t normally experience unless you combine them.

We would suggest that our readers avoid attempting to combine red and white variants because of how potent they are and also because they are effective at producing opposite effects. However, it is seen that some people mix the red variants for their pain relief or analgesic effects and the white vein for its energizing effects. We would suggest people intending to do so to mix them in a two to one proportion of red and white.

Best combinations by strain

Based on what effects you are looking to experience there are different blends that you could try. It is important to be educated on the different properties of each strain before you attempt to combine them. A few examples of different strains and their properties would be 

  • Sedative effects: Red Vein Bali and Indo
  • Social anxiety: Green Malay and Indo
  • Pain relief: Red Vein Maeng Da
  • Euphoric effects: Indo and Bali
  • Anxiety relief: Red Vein Sumatra and Red Vein Borneo
  • Relaxing effects: Bali and Red Vein Sumatra
  • Energy-boosting: White Vein Maeng Da and White Vein Borneo

Kratom blend for Euphoria

By blending 2 parts of Bali or Borneo red vein with 3 parts of Indo Kratom, this gives a sense of euphoria as well as has good relaxation effects and the effects are extended. 

Blend for a morning energy booster

By blending 6 parts of White vein Sumatra, 3 parts of green Malay and 1 part of Bali or red vein Borneo is excellent for feeling a good energy boost as well as euphoria and it is seen to extend the duration of these effects when blending them.

Best Kratom combinations 

When it comes to blending two strains it is seen that these effects vary from person to person. What may work for one person may not work for the other, so we advise people that are just getting into blending strains that they start with lower doses and work their way up.  This allows the user to adjust the dosage according to what gives them the best effects. 

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