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Does Kratom help you to overcome Opioid Addiction?


As we all know that Kratom is a herb which belongs to the coffee family. There are several known benefits of Kratom and there are even some benefits which are still unexplored. Kratom leaves are used by our ancient people Read more…

Kratom Dosage – How Much Kratom Powder to Take in Grams and Teaspoons?


People across the world are actively taking part in the quest for good health and wellness. The focus now has shifted towards natural remedies due to the increasing side effects of synthetic medicines. One such natural remedy that is being Read more…

Kratom Vs Weed – Here’s an Overview

Kratom Vs Weed – Here’s an Overview

I have seen many people asking this very question. Is Kratom similar to marijuana?  The right thing to ask would be the difference between Kratom and Marijuana. I have also seen people wondering if the effects of Kratom are better Read more…