Can Kratom be taken with prescription drugs?

Can Kratom be taken with prescription drugs?

Have you ever put yourself in a situation that you had to mix Kratom with other prescription drugs? If you are someone who consumes Kratom regularly for a medical ailment or a particular health condition, then it is obvious that you might have tried it with other medications to see how they act on your body. Before we get into this particular arena, it is obvious that you wouldn’t have landed upon Kratom the very first time your body showed some difference in the form of pain, injury or any unpleasant feeling. You might have heard of this special and herb and made up your mind to give it a try. But once you start using Kratom, you tend to experiment with other prescriptions without any guidance.

It is a huge debate if these other prescriptions could be used with Kratom. If you are one of those, follow up the post to know what Kratom is and how its interaction with other prescriptions could make a huge difference. At the end of this write-up, you are sure to have clarity concerning the consumption of Kratom along with prescription drugs.


To shed light on the basics, Kratom is a tree herb that originates from Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and the islands surrounding these places. Kratom is the popular name of Mitragyna Speciosa, whose leaves contain highly powerful alkaloids called Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two alkaloids bind with the opioid receptors of the brain to influence the brain signals, thereby causing pain relief, mood enhancement, anti-inflammation, boosting energy and immunity. Kratom has been used for more than a century for its various therapeutic and recreational benefits. It is known for its stimulating effects, energizing properties and also arouses sexual desires. On the whole, the herb that belongs to the coffee family helps with physical and mental expressions, improving the overall cognitive functions of the body for good health and wellness. It is also known to work well in cases of opiate withdrawal.

But Kratom can be highly hazardous when it interacts with psychoactive substances like morphine, caffeine, alcohol, cannabis, LSD, etc.  There have been cases and studies that proved that the consumption of Kratom along with these psychoactive substances can alter the body-mind balance by cultivating extremely dangerous hallucinations and delusions. Since Kratom is similar to the opiates in effects, the combination of both might lead to severe depression or even damage the neural tracts, leading neurological disorders in the long run.

Certain websites spread wrong information on Kratom. However, the adulteration of Kratom with different harmful prescriptions cannot be denied and there have been a lot of deaths linked with it too, without any substantial evidence. Hence the possibilities of risks can be accepted, however, the fatalities haven’t been proved yet. The DEA had proposed a plant to place Kratom under the Schedule 1 substances that contain harmful opium products like heroin, morphine, cocaine, etc. However, due to public outrage, this proposal was withdrawn. But the FDA and other agencies are committed to voicing out their opinion that Kratom could be a risky product for the people in America. They have even claimed that Kratom could be dangerous and hence, strict guidelines and measures were brought in to tackle the adulteration of Kratom. Kratom might not be absolutely safe, but it is wise to hear it out from loyal Kratom users rather than sticking onto fake propaganda. Since Kratom shows similar traits of the opiates, on combination with them, it might lead to several negative effects. The risks have been listed below.

Kratom Conflict with other opiate drugs

To know more about the conflicts that Kratom tends to orchestrate with other drugs, it is important that you understand how our body reacts to these drugs on consumption. Once the drugs get injected into the body, the vital organ is the liver that takes care of the admission and discarding process. An important enzyme in the liver makes this decision with the digestible and indigestible items in the stomach. Hence it is advised that you don’t consume the prescribed drugs with Kratom when you are already suffering from serious side effects or overdose.

The Final Call – Is it safe or not?

To conclude on this scenario, it might take us a few years since intense research on Kratom is underway. Not everything about Kratom is aware and the scientists are trying hard to find out how Kratom acts with other drugs. Hence it is recommended that you take certain precautions and safety measures when you decide to combine Kratom with other drugs. It is also wise to consult a doctor or an expert before you meddle with these drugs. Kratom online vendor like Kay Botanicals publishes articles & blogs on their website that will be helpful for you to understand both educational information & legal issues buying Kratom in the USA. Also, keep in mind that the dosages shouldn’t be increased without any guidance since it might cause some serious adverse effects. In case of an emergency, consult a practitioner immediately without procrastinating it. It is no harm to discuss your routine and drug course with your doctor to get valuable insights on the same.

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